Burn (Elemental Masters Book 2) Kelly Whiting



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Burn (Elemental Masters Book 2)  by  Kelly Whiting

Burn (Elemental Masters Book 2) by Kelly Whiting
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It’s been two months since Jane McKenzie found out she’s an Elemental Master- one of the very few people who have the ability to control the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire or Water. Since then, she’s been receiving training from Robin, to learn how to control her abilities. Unfortunately, her relationship with Julian is suffering, and when she finds him with someone else, it seems their relationship is over.Jane soon finds herself with no time to grieve, however, as she realises that Julian may be in trouble and she is the only one who can help him.

Her quest to find out how to help Julian will take her into the world of Elemental Masters, a world Jane was sure she wanted no part of. But the more she learns, the less sure she is about what she really wants.Also included is a free Julian short story, Dragons Blood, told in Julians own words.

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