Gabriels Paragon Journey Marc DesChesnes

ISBN: 9781414051437

Published: April 12th 2004



Gabriels Paragon Journey  by  Marc DesChesnes

Gabriels Paragon Journey by Marc DesChesnes
April 12th 2004 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: 9781414051437 | 5.29 Mb

Gabriel grew up in first century Rome. He recalls how the multicultural and spiritual influences he was exposed to, forced him to question everything around him, and eventually triggered his quest to find answers by sending him on a fantastic voyage through the empire territories. Troubled by the duality of good and evil, pleasures and pain, life and death, Gabriel writes about the overwhelming process that ultimately made him become immortal. He remembers his passionate youthful sins, and shares with us the many stories of eccentric, but also very interesting people, he has met during those disturbing years.

Writing from his home in present day coastal California, Gabriel finally reveals himself to the world through the lines of his book. He takes a look back in time often comparing todays civilization with the one he was part of long ago. Gabriel is finally able to draw conclusions to the important questions he had asked himself two thousand years earlier when still in his human form.

Spiced up by a bit of subtle eroticism and esoterism, he brilliantly draws us to learn from his experiences and new found perspectives as it all blends with Gabriels every day struggles with life events.

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